Mitsubishi Electric HALLE

Large multipurpose hall with tradition

  • Over 40 years of experience with international concerts, shows and sporting events
  • Modern, multifunctional and centrally located
  • Capacity for up to 7,500 people
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Mitsubishi Electric HALLE in Düsseldorf

Flexible, professional and central: Optimal conditions for your corporate event

The Mitsubishi Electric HALLE is not only suitable for concerts and all types of shows, but also as a venue for your corporate event. It offers everything you need for your big meeting, trade show, award ceremony or product presentation. Its size of 3,300 sqm allows for flexible use. The grandstand areas are extendable and offer space for up to 5,500 padded seats or additional exhibition area. Due to its central location, the hall is easily accessible by all means of transport and offers up to 900 parking spaces. To ensure that you and your guests experience a truly unique event, we will provide you with competent advice on how to implement your event flexibly from a catering and technical perspective.

The cult Venue for your next Corporate Event

Düsseldorf’s top entertainment address also serves as flexible ultramodern venue for corporate events. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

In-house Exhibitions and Commodities Exchanges

The flexible, modernised interior of the Mitsubishi Electric HALLE, which has a capacity for up to 7,500 people, is the ideal size for in-house exhibitions and commodities exchanges. The extendable main and side grandstands, the robust industrial parquet and the size- and height-adjustable stage can be adapted to any requirements.


The impressive 3,300 sqm interior of the Mitsubishi Electric HALLE has also proven itself as a venue for spectacular galas. You can even welcome the guests to your corporate event in the foyer or VIP area (which can be booked optionally), e.g. for the purpose of a champagne reception.

Award Ceremonies

Would you like to honour people or companies within the context of an award ceremony? The size- and height-adjustable Wenger stage is fully extendable and can be adapted to any requirements. The Mitsubishi Electric HALLE interior is not only suitable for award ceremonies, but also for parties, while the foyer, which can be booked optionally, can be used for catering purposes.

Works Meetings

The flexible seating concept of the Mitsubishi Electric HALLE interior makes this a suitable venue for works meetings. Take advantage of a variable interior and spacious foyer areas that can be used as catering areas or for champagne receptions. Easily accessible by everyone: The outstanding transport links will allow all employees to attend.

Party Conventions

The 3,300 sqm Mitsubishi Electric HALLE: a flexible partner for your next party convention. With round table banquet seating, the venue has capacity for 1,520 people, with tables set lengthwise, it has capacity for up to 2,208 people: We will find the right solution for you.

You can find an overview of the event spaces in the Mitsubishi Electric HALLE here.

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