Stage & Stage Equipment


The interior of the Mitsubishi Electric HALLE is equipped with a Wenger Vision stage, which can be dismantled completely.

  • Standard height: 1.50 m – freely adjustable: 1.20 m – 2.10 m
  • Performance area: 26.84 m x 12.20 m
  • Load-bearing capacity: 7.5 kN (750 kg/sqm)
  • Clearance above the stage: 7.80 m

Stage Equipment

  • Consultation with hall management is required, should you need to suspend loads from the ceiling for your event.
  • Pre-rig: A pre-rig is permanently installed over the stage.
  • Suspension points can be set up quickly in any position by moving the trusses.
  • Rigging: trussing Prolyte S52 chain hoists, CM Lodestar 1t CM Lodestar 2t Verlinde Stagemaker 1t Movecat D8+ 500 kg
  • Decoration hoists: 10 chain hoists in accordance with BGV C1 permanently installed at various positions in the hall; bearing load: 2.5 kN (250 kg)
  • Scissor-type platforms: quantity 38, dimensions 2 m x 1 m, maximum height 100 cm (in 20 cm steps), load-bearing capacity at 20 cm height 200 km/sqm, load-bearing capacity at 100 cm in height 350 kg/sqm
  • Partition walls (on wheels): colour black, quantity 10, dimensions 2 m x 1,95 m (width x height)
  • Elevated work platform, passenger lift (JLG scissor lift, ALP passenger lift)


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