Mitsubishi Electric HALLE – FAQ

  • Where can I purchase tickets?

Tickets for the events at the Mitsubishi Electric HALLE can be purchased at all known ticket agencies.

  • What happens when a concert is cancelled?

If an organiser cancels or postpones a concert, we will provide all the relevant information on our website as quickly as possible.

Tickets for postponed events will normally remain valid. If you are not able to attend the new date or if the concert is cancelled without substitution, you can return your tickets to your ticket office.

We recommend a visit to our website for the latest information directly before the concert in order to avoid unpleasant surprises. 

  • Does the ticket price include public transport?

In general, the tickets include (2nd class) public transport within the VRR zone. Check your ticket for information if and for which VRR zones it offers free public transport.

  • When do the gates open/close?

Usually admission starts approximately 1 to 1.5 hours before the event begins. On average, concerts and shows last about two to three hours – depending on whether there are supporting act/s and/or intermissions. We recommend that you obtain the latest information online directly before the event starts. 

  • Is it possible to eat or drink at the venue before, during and after the event?

Yes, usually all kinds of small snacks like sandwiches, hot dogs and pizza are offered at the venue. Apart from that, you can buy sweets and ice cream from vending machines. Soft drinks, beer, wine and sparkling wine are also available.

  • Are there hotels near the Mitsubishi Electric HALLE?

The following hotels in various price ranges are located within a 25-minute walk from the Mitsubishi Electric HALLE and are also well connected to the public transport:

Leonardo Hotel Düsseldorf City Center
Ludwig-Erhard-Allee 3
40227 Düsseldorf
T +49 (0) 211 - 77 71-0
F +49 (0) 211 - 77 71-888

Hotel am Volksgarten
Flügelstr. 46
40227 Düsseldorf
T +49 (0) 211 - 72 50 50
F +49 (0) 211 - 72 46 80

Motel One Düsseldorf-City
Kruppstr. 32
40227 Düsseldorf
T: +49 (0) 211 - 650 23 70
F: +49 (0) 211 - 650 23 710

Hotel Nikko Düsseldorf
Immermannstr. 41
40210 Düsseldorf
T +49 (0) 211 - 834-0
F +49 (0) 211 - 161216

  • What are the cloakroom charges?

The cloakroom charge is usually 2 euros for each item of clothing. In some cases, a surcharge of 2.50 euros is applicable (often in carnival sessions for extra-long events). Please note the relevant price list at the cloakroom. Subject to change without notice.

  • Where can I find the parking spaces for the disabled?

Barrier-free parking spaces are located directly next to the entrance.

  • What are the parking fees?

Parking on the premises of the Mitsubishi Electric HALLE currently costs 7 euros per car. Subject to change without notice.

  • Are there barrier-free toilets?

Yes, there are barrier-free toilets at each of the passageways to the upper side stands and are clearly indicated. You can access these through all ground-level public entrances and passageways leading to the hall. The site staff will be happy to point you in the right direction.

  • Whom do I need to contact to obtain press accreditation?

For most events, the Mitsubishi Electric HALLE only leases out the venue. In these cases, you will need to contact the local or national event organisers directly. Often, a link to the relevant organiser is provided in the event description.

  • Is smoking permitted in the Mitsubishi Electric HALLE?

No. The Mitsubishi Electric HALLE consequently implements the Non-Smoker Protection Law. Since 1 July 2008, there is a smoking ban in the entire building.  We do however, provide outside smoking areas for visitors in accordance with the specifications of the relevant organiser. The smoking ban also applies to e-cigarettes. For events not organised by us directly, the local or tour organiser will be fully responsible for compliance with the ban on smoking. Information on the organiser is provided on the tickets. Further information can be obtained from the staff at the Mitsubishi Electric HALLE. Please send any complaints on non-compliance of the non-smoking ban to the local organiser – or to us for further forwarding.